Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review of Filmora Video Editor: A Real Powerhouse with a Very Modest Price Tag

Like so many others, the growing popularity of videos and the business of vlogging has led me in the search for an easy-to-use, yet powerful, video editor.

After some extensive research, I found out about Wondershare's Filmora Video Editor.

A Major Redesign

What caught my interest initially with this program was it's nicely designed interface, something that just recently had been re-designed. The new interface looks organized and self-explanatory, and to make the recent change even better, you can shift the interface between a light and dark color scheme.

Dark skin:

Light skin:

With the recent change of the interface along with a few other important and useful changes such as an improved audio tool mixer, the ability to record your screen and an added animated GIF tool, Filmora's developer team seems to be keen to implement user suggestions of new features.

Many Theme-Based Effects Packs

Filmora Video Editor comes with many different library special effects, but additional theme-based effects packs like the "80's Retro Collection" and "Fashion Collection" are being offered for a very modest price tag, while many of them are completely for free.

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Royalty Free Music at Your Finger Tips

To add music to your videos can sometimes be a tedious task due to copyright issues. However, Wondershare has made things easier by implementing a large library of songs and sound effects that are royalty free.

It's Easy to Get Started with Your Filmmaking

To get going with the video editor is easy because of the excellent user guides that are being offered such as text tutorials or video instructions. Filmora's YouTube channel seems to be growing in a fast pace with lots of tips and tricks being added.

Having imported my first media files, it didn't take long before I finished my very first short video. It wasn't a masterpiece, but it built confidence in myself and the program.

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Try Out the Editor for Free for an Unlimited Time

To try out the software, Wondershare offers you unlimited and full access to Filmora, with just one limitation – the free version will create a large watermark on the exported video. But, what I like about this offer is that everyone who wants to get started making videos can do it right away, and when you have finished a few projects you can just buy a license, rest assured that you have examined the program thoroughly.

A Powerful Video Editor That Doesn't Cost Much

To buy a license for personal use currently costs $29.99/year or a $49.99 one-time-fee that will include free future updates. If you need to use Filmora on additional computers or for use within business and school, different prices occur.

With a video editor that seems to undergo a major transformation, that's a pretty good deal. Take notice Adobe Premiere!

Featured image: From Filmora's YouTube video "How to Record Your Computer Screen: Screen Recorder & Editor for PC & Mac".

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