Tuesday, May 2, 2017

3D LUTs: How to Get a Cinematic Look by Using a Cheap Point-and-shoot Camera

If you're like me, you love watching YouTube videos created with a cinematic look. Often, you might find yourself thinking that you yourself won't be able to pull off the same great color graded video if, for example, the only camera you have at your disposal is a simple point-and-shoot camera.

Change the Color Scheme of Your Footage by Applying 3D LUTs

This is what I myself mistakenly thought until I found out about something called 3D LUTs, that simply explained is a file that you add to your footage (think of it as a filter many of us already use today, for example on Instagram), which will change the overall color scheme of your footage. You can use 3D LUTs both for video and photos, and they can be applied by using many different video and photo editing programs. I apply and use 3D LUTs in a simple to use video editor called Filmora, an editor that doesn't cost much and can be run on older desktop PCs and laptops with good results.

When I first began to use 3D LUTs, a stumbled upon the free LUTs offered by Lutify.me. Seeing their vast selection of other color grading LUTs, I requested to review their vintage films LUTs that are included in their professional package.

You can see some of these LUTs in action by watching a few of my recent uploads on my YouTube channel. Here, in the short demo "The Concrete Jungle", the vintage film LUT Savi that is inspired by the Kodak Kodachrome family, darkens the overall color scheme, while the other 3D LUT used called Sinistra, that is inspired by the Lomo family, makes the plants stand out more.

In my demo "A Journey to the Island", the vintage film 3D LUT called Simbus, another Lomo inspired LUT, gives the footage a lovely vibrant 70's/80's feel:

Classic Film Stock Looks in an Instant

Some years ago, I bought a Lomo Smena 8M camera, a camera that was made in the USSR, just to get those wonderful vibrant and vivid color images that a Lomo camera can produce. Now, I can get something close to that look in an instant by just applying one of these vintage films 3D LUTs, and with over 20 LUTs in this category to choose from, one or many will definitely suit my projects.

Lutify.me's Vast Selection of Cinematic 3D LUTs

Lutify.me currently offers three different packages to chose from according to your needs. They are subscription based, however, you can cancel your subscription at anytime after the purchase, which means the 3D LUT's are yours to keep, only you won't be eligible for additional updates and support. But, if you change your mind about canceling, Lutify.me gives you the option to easily reactivating your subscription by doing it manually yourself.

The Professional 3D LUTs Package includes 204 cinematic quality LUTs and costs, for the time being, $59 for the first year. The Standard 3D LUTs Package includes 60 cinematic quality LUTs, and the Basic 3D LUTs Package 30 LUTs. After the first year, for all the packages, the cost is $19.90/year, which includes continued support and updates.

Who said a cinematic look had to the be complicated and expensive?! Well, I might have said a little bit too much with that remark, but with 3D LUTs, I can at least produce footage that resembles blockbusters.

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