Friday, May 27, 2016

A Supercut of the 100 Greatest American Films Selected by BBC Culture

Turkish film guide Sinefesto's supercut contains the films from BBC Culture's list of the 100 greatest American films ever made.

Last summer, BBC Culture compiled their list of the 100 Greatest American Films, voted on by critics around the world. The results featured the expected heavy hitters like Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane" and Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo" sitting comfortably near the top, more contemporary movies like "25th Hour," "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind" and even "Forrest Gump" making the grade, while superheroes weren't forgotten either, with Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" sliding in the mix. Now, that list gets some visuals.

Sinefesto has put together a seven-minute, categorized supercut of every entry, and it's nicely done. It's a great skim through the movies you've already seen, and a nice taste of the ones you still need to catch up with in your queue.

Watch This Great George Lucas and Charlie Rose Parody Interview: 'No Oscar?'

Despite all of his success in filmmaking, George Lucas has never won an Oscar. This is the subject in filmmaker Harrison Jeffs' parody interview with Lucas and television talk show host Charlie Rose. Such a great edit!

Via Cynical-C.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another Relaxing Video from the Wryfield Lab: The Formation of Puffy Clouds

A fresh release from the Wryfield Lab – a relaxing video with footage of puffy clouds, or more accurately described as cumulus clouds.

Some of their earlier releases include acrylic paint bubbles in motion and the sound of sparkling water.

Canadians' Views on Donald Trump

Stevo Canuck took to the streets to ask Canadians about their opinions about Donald Trump.

Magicians Dan and Dave Buck Master the Beautiful Art of Cardistry

Magicians Dan and Dave Buck (@bucktwins) are experts in the beautiful art of card flourishing, also known as cardistry, and were one of the first to put card tricks online back in 2003.

Photo Series from the Last Day of Operations at the Iconic Alcatraz Penitentiary

Assigned by Life Magazine, photographer Leigh Wiener documented Alcatraz Penitentiary's last day of operations on March 21, 1963. The photographic exhibition "Alcatraz: The Last Day" marks the 50th anniversary since its closing.

"Guard on Broadway":

"The recreation yard":

"Convicts on Broadway":

"Guard – An officer plays with kids on C-D Street in the empty prison":

An interview between Ranger John Cantwell and former Alcatraz Correctional Officer Jim Albright as he talks about his career working in this iconic landmark:

Sculder and Mully from 'The X-Files' as Characters in a Children's Comic Book

If Sculder and Mully from "The X-files" were to be characters in a children's comic book, this is how it might have turned out.

Via Shane Stacks. H/t Mark Juelich.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kitten Watches Alfred Hitchcock's Horror Classic 'Psycho'

Watching Alfred Hitchcock's horror classic "Psycho" (1960) can be intense – just look at the reactions from the adorable nine-month-old Tabby-Bengal mix kitten by the name Togepi filmed by her owner Andrew Parrish. That leap!

Via Holy Kaw.

Four Habits We Can Adapt from the Amish Lifestyle to Enhance Our Daily Life

Health and wellness expert Valerie Orsoni has been interested in the Amish culture for many years. By adapting four "simple" habits from the Amish, she thinks they can do us lots of good both mentally and physically, not to mention for our society.

In our culture we barely write letters any longer…takes too long to write, then too long to receive. We send instant emails and expect instant answers.

We always rush from one meeting to the next, from one activity to the next.

The Amish take it more slowly. They admire nature. They take the time to seize the day and smell the roses. They write chain letters, where each time the letter gets to the recipient, she adds a piece of news from her settlement. Waiting for a response is part of the deal and helps people not be constantly on their toes.

The Amish "visit." As a matter of fact they even have alternate "off-church Sundays." The sole purpose is to allow for visits to friends and family members.

Former Participants of 'Biggest Loser' Talk About Being Starved and Taking Drugs in the Show

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article about one of the previous winners of Sweden's "The Biggest Loser" and his on-going struggle with gaining weight despite living an active life with exercise and healthy eating. After he discussed the issue with experts, the conclusion was that his problems were due to a damaged metabolic rate caused by the TV show and its practices.

That article and New York Post's rather shocking piece " 'Biggest Loser' drugged us so we'd lose weight" has drastically changed my opinion about the show to the worse, a show that seems to include elements of drug use, isolation, starvation and humiliation.

"Bob Harper was my trainer," says Joelle Gwynn, of 2008's "Couples" season. "He goes away and his assistant comes in. He's got this brown paper bag that's bundled up. He says, 'Take this drug, it'll really help you.' It was yellow and black. I was like, 'What the f- -k is this?' "

Gwynn says she took the pill, once.

"I felt jittery and hyper," she says. "I went and told the sports medicine guy. The next day, Dr. H [Dr. Rob Huizenga] gave us some lame explanation of why they got added to our regimen and that it was up to us to take them…People chastise Bill Cosby for allegedly offering meds to women, but it's acceptable to do to fat people to make them lose weight. I feel like we got raped, too."


"When I was going through the applicant process, they told me, 'You’re not fat enough,' " Mendonca [Suzanne Mendonca, Season 2] says. She was 5-foot-6 and says she weighed 229 pounds, morbidly obese by NIH standards.

"They said, 'You need to gain 40 pounds. Keep eating.' " Mendonca entered the show at 255 pounds.

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