Friday, April 17, 2015

Birline Watches with a Classic Look and Harris Tweed Straps

I've just become aware of a new watch brand called Birline, founded by two Swedes. Watches started to ship back in february, so this is an interesting newcomer to the market. With a classic look and Harris Tweed straps, all within a comfortable price range, I'm sure these watches will take off, and being a worthy challenger to my beloved Wenger Commando Day Date watch (video).





Photo credit: Model David Gandy wears a Birline. Via David's Instagram.

Via David Gandy.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Super Easy Way to Peel Potatoes

This is one great cooking tip! If you find peeling potatoes time-consuming, you should check out the following:

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Trailer: Warren Miller's 80's Ski Movie Beyond the Edge

Warren Miller's action-packed trailer for the 80's ski movie Beyond the Edge (1986). Love the colors and sun in this one:

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cooking (and some music) with Top Gear's James May

One of the best things that followed the "Top Gear" scandal, is James May's unemployment tube:

Via auto motor & sport (SE).

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Cigarette Cards Kept You Fit In the Early 1900s

Interesting! In the early 1900s, illustrated cards with gymnastic exercises came with your pack of Lambert & Butler cigarettes:

Cigarette cards were illustrated pieces of cardstock that were placed inside soft packs of cigarettes to keep them stiff. The cards featured anything from celebrities to breeds of dogs, and doubled as trading cards. One particular line of these cards was called "Keep Fit," and featured different exercises you could do in your home. Ignoring the extreme irony of a cigarette company urging you to be healthy, the routines are pretty interesting (albeit silly). Next time you're at the gym, it wouldn't hurt to try a few of these out.

Trunk bending and unrolling:

Hip drill:

You find a wide range of cigarette cards collections here.

Via swissmiss.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

A Fully Functioning TRON Light Cycle Up for Bid at Sotheby's

Summer is coming and if you have a minimum of $25,000 to spare, you can become the lucky owner of a fully functioning TRON Light Cycle when it's up for bid at Sotheby's on May 2:

"It is a fully functioning motorcycle that can be ridden, as it is powered by a direct-drive electric motor that has lithium batteries, which is mated to a computer-controlled digital electronic transmission," says the auction page. "This custom 'Tron' tribute boasts a very low seat height of 28.5 inches, making it easy to ride even at low speeds. The motorcycle is finished in black with a white stripe and boasts an imposing stance to match its performance."

Via @mitchellfinlay.

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My Chennai: A Great Short Film Shoot with iPhone 6

My eyes teared up while watching the beautiful short film "My Chennai" by Amar Ramesh and friends. The film is edited in a great way with beautiful music and scenery from Chennai and the Hindu festival Diwali, and this may come as a big surprise, all shoot with an iPhone 6. This is a labour of love!

Via @LisaColeMoseley.

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Penguin's Classic Book Covers In a Little Box

Penguin Books is known for its great design when it comes to book covers. Someone came up with a brilliant idea and translated all of these great looking book covers into the shape of postcards. The result is the neat little box "Postcards from Penguin" with 100 different postcards, perfect for framing, mailing or just for inspiration.

Photo credit: Images via Amazon.

Via @LuaLunera.

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Sea Oil Paintings by Gerhard Richter

The sea oil paintings by German visual artist Gerhard Richter.

Seestück (Morgenstimmung) – Seascape (Morning Mood), 1969:

Seestück – Seascape, 1975:

Seestück – Seascape, 1998:

Via @britmarling.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sledneck's Swede River Raft with a Snowmobile

When there is no snow, there's water. Watch the amazing ride by Sledneck's Kalle "KJ" Johansson when he takes a snowmobile upstream the river:

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The Work of Photographer Thomas Hoepker

The other day, I was watching a documentary about photographer Thomas Hoepker. A big part of the documentary dealt with his work photographing Muhammad Ali in 1966, a really interesting account to hear. The work he does interests me, and inspires me to take more photographs myself. In the documentary, a few images that I've posted below stuck with me. The one from Harlem is incredible, pure gold dust!

"Children playing in the spray of a fire hydrant on a hot summer day" in Harlem, New York City, August 1983 (image via):

Trabant in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin (East), 1976 (image via):

"Young people relax during their lunch break along the East River while a huge plume of smoke rises from Lower Manhattan after the attack on the World Trade Center", Brooklyn, New York City, September 11, 2001 (image via):

The 9/11 photo became a bit controversial, so I good read is Slate's pieces "It's Me in That 9/11 Photo" and "I Took That 9/11 Photo"

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How to Care for Your Newly Purchased Pair of Jeans

In this video, we're guided by Scott Morrison, the founder of denim maker 3X1, on how to best care for your newly purchased pair of jeans. Several years ago, I wore my jeans constantly without washing them, but that is something I'll probably never do again. Then, one of the suggestions I got in the clothes shop was to lay the jeans in a bag and put them in the fridge for awhile to remove the smell, but to never wash, only damp. I must admit, the denim got lots of charachter and looked nice, but I prefer to feel clean. Maybe I should give Scott's tips a go?!

Here is the recap – How to wash denim:

  1. Soak inside out in a cold water bath
  2. Place soaked jeans between two towels
  3. Roll it up to remove excess water
  4. Hang up the jeans to dry overnight
  5. Place in dryer for 15 minutes to loosen

Via Slate.

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Writers at Work: See What Famous Writers Workplaces Look Like

Writers At Work is the go-to Tumblr page to see the workplaces of just writers, and to spur some inspiration into your own work.

Ernest Hemingway in Sun Valley, Idaho, 1940, photographed by Robert Capa (image via):

Margaret Atwood writing "The Handmaids Tale" in Berlin 1984, photographed by Isolde Ohlbaum (image via):

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Razione K: Military Food Rations Around the World

In Giulio Iacchetti's exhibition "Razione K – Meals for Soldiers in Action", food rations used by the military around the world are on display.



New Zealand:



United States of America:

Via @Aweiland and designboom.

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Artist Paints the U.S. – Mexico Border Wall As a Reminder of Achieving Dreams

In "Borrando la Frontera" (Erasing the Border), artist Ana Teresa Fernández painted part of the border wall that seperates Playas de Tijuana from San Diego’s Border Field State park powdery blue, in an attempt to remind us of our dreams and visions for a better life and the struggle that goes with them:

For a woman born in Mexico, the border is a powerful symbol. Projecting a future in the north, Ana Teresa Fernández’s own journey—crossing the Tijuana-San Diego border to study and build her career— mirrors the route north taken by millions of women who have come from southern and central Mexico to work in the maquiladoras and make a better life for themselves and their families. Thus, the border is a site of utopian possibility. Yet, at the same time the border wall is an aggressive reminder of the violent subjugation of Mexico through the instruments of NAFTA and the Merida Initiative and resulting drug war.

Erasing the border, then, reminds us of the power of utopian visions, of dreams and the imagination.

Via @gggbriella and @MexicAnarchist.

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