Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vulfpeck´s Sleepy Album

US funk band Vulfpeck released a quite unusual album. Their fourth album Sleepify consists of 10 tracks of complete silence.

When they put the album on Spotify, they encouraged fans to play it overnight to help them raise money for a future tour that would be free for fans to attend.

The album didn´t do bad and the band raised nearly $20,000 (£11,700) before Spotify removed the album from their service.

Featured image: via TeamRock.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Watching Television After a Stressful Day Can Be a Guilty Pleasure

A new study published in the Journal of Communication, gives that people who have had a more stressful day at work, felt guilty and experienced a sense of failure if they choosed to watch television or play computer games instead of doing other more meaningful tasks when they came home from work:

The study, published in the Journal of Communication, found that people who were highly stressed after work did not feel relaxed or recovered when they watched TV or played computer games.

Instead they had high levels of guilt and feelings of failure.

Researchers at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany and the VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands asked 471 study participants how they felt after work or school the previous day and what media they had used.

They found that those who were especially fatigued were more inclined to feel that they were procrastinating by watching TV or playing games instead of doing more important tasks.

This led them to feeling guilty, which in turn made them feel less recovered and revitalised, diminishing the positive effects of using media.

Previous research has shown that using entertaining media can produce a “recovery experience” that helps people relax and detach from the stresses of work.

But the latest study highlighted the paradox of using various media to relax after a stressful day, with those who might have benefited most from using media to recover instead experiencing lower levels of recovery, because they felt doing so was a sign that they had failed to exercise self-control.

Featured image: A family watch colour television in the 50s. The image from the Hulton Archive is titled Family Viewing. Via The Guardian.

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BBC Documentary Series Africa: Toxic Soda Lakes

This is amazing footage from the BBC documentary series Africa. What you see are toxic soda lakes, a chain of lakes that run through East Africa. The water is toxic because it´s poisoned by volcanic springs.

The face of the lakes changes day by day when the sun evaporates the water and leave the salts behind.

The incredible colors is due to algae, specially adapted to live in this corrosive liquid.

The algae feed the flamingos, who gather in these waters whenever the algae bloom.

You can watch this in episode 2 Savannah on Dailymotion.

Here are the rest of the episodes:

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Friday, July 25, 2014

American Novelist Sherwood Anderson´s Witty Resignation Letter

When American novelist Sherwood Anderson wanted out from the advertising business and instead pursue his career in writing, he wrote a witty resignation letter, asking his employer to fire him:

Dear Barton:

You have a man in your employ that I have thought for a long time should be fired. I refer to Sherwood Anderson. He is a fellow of a good deal of ability, but for a long time I have been convinced that his heart is not in his work.

There is no question but that this man Anderson has in some ways been an ornament to our organization. His hair, for one thing, being long and messy gives an artistic carelessness to his personal appearance that somewhat impresses such men as Frank Lloyd Wright and Mr. Curtiniez of Kalamazoo when they come into the office.

But Anderson is not really productive. As I have said his heart is not in his work. I think he should be fired and if you will not do the job I should like permission to fire him myself. I therefore suggest that Anderson be asked to sever his connections with the company on [the first of next week]. He is a nice fellow. We will let him down easy but let’s can him.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherwood Anderson

Featured image: Photograph by Eric Schaal taken from Virginia Tech´s The Sherwood Anderson Collection.

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The Sad View of the Gaza–Israel Conflict from Outer Space

This photo taken from the International Space Station by German astronaut Alexander Gerst, shows fired rockets and explosions in Gaza and Israel. He describes the photo in his Tweet as his "saddest photo yet", a tweet that has received great attention and gone viral.

Huffington Post covers this story more in depth.

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Watch The Ice Cream That Won´t Melt Despite 80 Degrees Outside

Mother of two, Christie Watson, was surprised one morning to see that her son´s uneaten ice cream sandwich sitting on her patio table, had barely melted during the night, although 12 hours had passed and it was an 80 degree morning. Even though Walmart´s ice cream sandwich meets all FDA guidelines, I personally would choose other alternatives.

Via BoingBoing.


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fist Bumps in a Gentlemanly Manner

This gentlemen´s guide about how to do proper fist bumps, puts a smile on my face:

If that´s isn´t enough for you, the different poses have been made into animated gifs.

Via Buxx.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dome Homes Soon to be Claimed by the Sea

These unique looking domes located in Cape Romano, Florida, were once a holiday home, built in the 80s by a retired independent oil producer named Bob Lee. The home was well ahead of it´s time, both self sufficient and solar-powered.

It was used as a primary residence up until 1993, but after some hurricanes and a rising sea level, the domes are now abandoned and will soon be claimed by the sea.

Image credit: Vintage image by Kristian Maples (Bob’s grandson). Image of abandoned domes by Mila Bridger.

Via Inhabitat.

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Angus & Julia Stone Performs at Morning Becomes Eclectic

I stumbled upon this live performance at KCRW by Angus & Julia Stone, a brother-sister duo from Australia playing folk-blues. The song is called Big Jet Plane:

For more great music, visit Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Featured image: Angus and Julia in Mexico City. Via Instagram.


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Poor Door in NYC for Low-Income Renters

The New York based real estate developer Extell Development Company has gotten green light to build in a "poor door" in a high-rise building located next to the Hudson River, so that high-income homeowners doesn´t have to use the same entrance as the residents with low incomes:

The City of New York approved a proposal by one of the largest real estate developers in the city to build in a 'poor door', or a separate door for residents living in affordable housing to enter their building.


Extell's proposal allows them to force affordable housing tenants to walk through an entrance located in a back alley behind the building to enter, leaving the more prominent front entrance for tenants paying for nicer apartments.

Under the Inclusionary Housing Program, for which the city approved Nextell's application, larger properties are allowed to be built as long as they include a portion of affordable housing units.

For the 40 Riverside Boulevard location, 55 units will be designated as affordable housing, all units facing the street. Another 219 units will face the river.


'No one ever said that the goal was full integration of these populations,' David Von Spreckelsen, senior vice president at Toll Brothers, another developer specializing in luxury residencies, told The Real Deal in 2013. 'So now you have politicians talking about that, saying how horrible those back doors are. I think it’s unfair to expect very high-income homeowners who paid a fortune to live in their building to have to be in the same boat as low-income renters, who are very fortunate to live in a new building in a great neighborhood.'

One question comes to mind: isn´t it unfair to get approval to build larger properties at the expense of low-income renters? What´s the big deal of not having to share the entrance, you still have your apartment?

Feature image: A beautiful view from one of the guest rooms in The Standard High Line NYC overlooking the Hudson River.

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