Monday, May 25, 2015

The Evolution of the Typeface Times New Roman

A short film about one of the most beloved typefaces – Times New Roman from 1913 – and its evolution to becoming Modern Times in 2006, designed by Neville Brody:

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You'll Never Be Alone: The Work of Photographer Dorothee Deiss

From the photo series "You'll Never Be Alone" by Dorothee Deiss:

Via Nicolas Chapuis.

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Artist Richard Prince's Instagram Photos Sell for $100,000 USD Each

Artist Richard Prince's work of art sells for large amounts of money. Nothing strange and odd about that, but the way he creates his work is. Prince is infamous for taking the work of others and selling it as his own, after making some minor changes to it. Last fall, "his" Instagram photos were on display at Gagosian with the exhibition "New Portraits".

Right now you can purchase someone's Instagram photo for around $100,000. The money won't go to the photographer, however, it will go to "artist" Richard Prince, who has blown up and made prints of other people's Instagram photos for his series titled "New Portraits." The previously private show at the Gagosian has been a part of Frieze.

According to Petapixel, "Prince is notorious in the art world for taking other people’s work, 'appropriating' them as his own with various changes, and then selling them for large amounts of dough." And no, he did not get permission for these prints, which are screenshots of the images with one addition from Prince, "a short message [he] posted as the last comment on each one."

Photo credit: Installation view at Gagosian. Photograph by Rob McKeever.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

David Lynch Foundation Luncheon: High-profile Media Personalities Discuss Transcendental Meditation

In this luncheon arranged by the David Lunch Foundation, eight female prolific media personalities, discuss the power of Transcendental Meditation and how the practice have impacted their everyday life:

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Uncommon Places: The Work of Photographer Stephen Shore

"Uncommon Places" is the work of photographer Stephen Shore.

Ginger Shore, Causeway Inn, Tampa, Florida, November 17, 1977:

U.S. 22, Union, New Jersey, April 24, 1974:

West Fourth Street, Little Rock, Arkansas, October 5, 1974:

Via @PetiteTouche and @LuaLunera.

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To Craftsmen: An Homage to Fine Craftsmanship

From Arpel Films, the short film "To Craftsmen", is an homage to fine craftsmanship around the world:

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Singapore Airlines Suites Class: The $23,000 USD Flying Experience

Derek Low took great advantage of his frequent flyer miles and booked a flight with Singapore Airlines, when traveling from Singapore to New York, getting one of twelve available suites on board the Airbus A380. By flying Suites Class, you seem to be granted all you can think of, besides flying the airplane yourself:

The Suites were exclusive to their flagship Airbus A380, and they go beyond flat beds by offering enclosed private cabins with sliding doors that cocoon you in your own little lap of luxury. The interior was designed by French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste and comes along with a plush soft leather armchair hand-stitched by the Italian master craftsmen Poltrona Frau. Perhaps most well-known of all, Singapore Airlines became the first and only commercial airline with a double bed in the sky.

However, the experience came with a hefty price tag. With round-trip tickets costing up to S$23,000 (or US$18,400), it was completely unattainable for most people.

Formerly, the only way for an average person to fly in the Suites was to take out a bank loan. And then I remembered that most of my personal net worth exists in frequent flier miles rather than cash.


I followed her [an attendant] past what seemed to be 50-60 people in the Business Class lounge. She walked noticeably fast, seemingly afraid that I would be disgusted by the presence of the working class. Here I was transferred to another attendant who walked me through the First Class lounge, and then through a set of automatic sliding double doors before being transferred to yet another attendant.

Via @Marta_PA.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ken Block is Mastering a 845-hp Ford Mustang '65 in the Streets of LA

Rally driver Ken Block's video series "Gymkhana" is always a pleasure to watch. In "Gymkhana 7", he's mastering the 845-hp of a Ford Mustang '65, in the streets of Los Angeles.

I have previously posted "Gymkhana Five", in which Block turns San Francisco into his own little playground.

Via @SandraFalga.

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George's Handmade Boots: Portrait of a Shoemaker

After a series of events, George Ziermann has been making custom and handmade shoes since 1967. He wants to retire, but is unable to find a worthy successor with the right work ethic.

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Fashion-conscious People Are Asked Some Fake Questions During Milan Fashion Week 2014

During the Milan Fashion Week 2014, a group of fashion-conscious people were asked some fake questions at the catwalks. I must admit, I think they gave some pretty convincing answers, although they had no real clue about the question being asked.

Via @FemJungle.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

One Family Eat Organic Food for Two Weeks with an Amazing Effect

See what happens when one family of five, starts eating nothing but organic food for two weeks. The effect is amazing, and also proves how good and rapid our bodies can heal if we give them proper treatment (Or should I say self-love?):

Via Wifey.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ads for the Final Episode of AMC's Mad Men by Dan Gorlov

A set of great minimalist ads, for the final episode of AMC's show "Mad Men" by copywriter Dan Gorlov.

Via @elopezgz and @HuskySoy.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Work of Outdoor Photographer Chris Burkard

The work of Surfer Magazine's staff photographer Chris Burkard.

The Pacific Northwest, Fjällraven ad campaign, 2014:

High above glacial rivers, Iceland, 2014:

Northern lights above crashed plane, Iceland, 2014:

Solitude, Alberta, 2014:

Via Huck.

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DIY: How to Turn a Filing Cabinet into a Small Planter

It's that time of year, so this DIY tip will come in handy for many: how to turn a filing cabinet into a small planter.

Via ModCloth.

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Adorable Whale Tea Infuser

This adorable whale tea infuser is made of eco-friendly food-grade silicone:

Via Taxi.

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