Thursday, September 7, 2017

New and Free Psychedelic Color Grading LUTs by IWLTBAP

Inspired by infrared photography, IWLTBAP has released a set of 55 unique psychedelic color grading presets. Five of these LUTs can be downloaded for free here, a pack that also includes bonus LUTs.

The image below taken by me during a trip to Falkenberg, Sweden, earlier this summer is graded with the LUT Choweed. Looks like a Polaroid, don't you think?!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

'Chillout Mix 12': Great Ambient and Upbeat Mix by Café del Mar:

I've been enjoying Café del Mar's "Chillout Mix 12" (2017) during this week. It has a nice balance between being ambient and upbeat at the same time. Hope you'll enjoy it as well!

It's on YouTube here.

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Documentary 'Roadliners': A Day in the Life of a Glasgow Street Typographer

The short documentary "Roadliners" is a documentary about the occupational group that is responsible for roadmarkings. Watch a day in the life of Glasgow roadliner Thomas 'Tam' Lilley as he creates some nice street typography.

Via Notcot.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The List of the 100 Best Typefaces of All Time

Font retailer FontShop's website The 100 Best Typefaces of All Time lists like the site name says, 100 high-quality licensable typefaces that have been selected by a jury of international experts.

FontShop's selection differs from other typeface charts because it is both subjective and as objective as possible. By incorporating its own sales figures and various bestseller lists from the past ten years (see "Scoring Criteria" below), FontShop ensured that the users of the nominated typefaces also had input into the selection. The subjective element was provided by an independent jury of international experts. On the basis of the "commercial" pre-selection they were able to eliminate fonts, nominate others, reorder, veto and up- or downgrade. After several rounds of this, everyone had agreed on a list of the top 100 typefaces.

Friday, June 9, 2017

'Beyond the Wall – Art and Artifacts from the GDR': The 900-page Book with East German Design

The 900-page coffee table book "Beyond the Wall: Art and Artifacts from the GDR" by Justinian Jampol and published by Taschen, features over 2500 items from the the Wende Museum's East German Collection.

This encyclopedic volume features over 2500 items from its extraordinary collections. Never before has a book included this full a spectrum of art, archives, and artifacts from socialist East Germany: official symbols and dissident expressions, the spectacular and the routine, the mass-produced and the handmade, the funny and the tragic. Packaged in a slick, portable box, the book also comes with a facsimile of a GDR family scrapbook, documenting real and imagined travels both within East Germany, and across the border.

You can order the book on Amazon here.

H/t Umbrella Magazine.

Watch How an Airbus A340 Creates Some Beautiful Vortex Turbulence

Watch how an Airbus A340 creates some beautiful wake vortex turbulence as it comes down for landing at Zurich Airport.

Music by DeAlien and the track "Technical Sphere".

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Watch the German Cold War Drama 'The Same Sky' (2016) on Netflix

After having binge watching the German TV series "Deutschland 83" (2015), the TV series "The Same Sky" (2016), that is set in Cold War Berlin in the 70's, is my substitute.

East Germany (GDR), 1974. Lars Weber – young, ambitious, impenetrable – will soon have to prove his loyalty to his country; the 25-year-old knows that every step forward in the GDR comes with strings attached... For Lars, this means being sent to West Berlin as an East-German “Romeo” agent. His mission is to seduce women working in sensitive positions in the West. One of them is Lauren Faber, a high-ranking British intelligence officer and lonely single mother of a rebellious teen. Lauren's younger colleague Sabine Cutter is deeply attracted to Lars. However, none of the two is aware of the secret they share…

While Lars and Lauren constitute the core of this volatile saga of passion and deceit, other richly detailed characters on both sides of the Wall are also moving deftly among Stasi and CIA spies. The gay teacher Axel cannot bear the oppressiveness of the GDR any longer. He and a group of friends undertake one of the most foolhardy escape attempts imaginable: digging a tunnel beneath the Wall. Lars' cousin Klara, in turn, is an excellent swimmer who's blissful when she gets the chance to join the GDR Olympic Swim Team. Having grown up in the shadow of her brilliant sister Juliane, Klara will do anything to become a winner and starts taking pills that produce disturbing side effects…

As the the Iron Curtain seems impenetrable, the protagonists on either side of the wall seek security, humanity and freedom. They may have different systems and different lives, but they all share the same sky.

And thankfully for viewers outside Europe, the TV series is now released on Netflix.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

'Mexico Will Not Pay for the Wall': Former Mexican President Vicente Fox's Message for Trump

Hola, Donald! Here, a light-hearted message from Mexico's former president Vicente Fox to Donald Trump.

Norrland: Time Lapse of Northern Sweden

Norrland covers 60 percent of Sweden's total area and is one of Sweden's three main parts called lands, with each containing several provinces by their own.

Norrland is located north and has some amazing nature, and in Niklas Hägglund's time lapse, some of it is shown.


How Photo Colorization Artists Work

In this short video by Coleman Lowndes, the amazing and time-consuming colorized photography work done by colourists Jordan J. Lloyd, Marina Amaraland, Mads Madsen, Dana Keller and Patty Allison are being looked at and the amount of research that is done to make these photographs authentic.

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