Thursday, December 18, 2014

Comic Strip It Never Ends

This is a wonderful comic strip called "It Never Ends". However, I can't find the name of the illustrator.

Via @GavinHoole.

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National Film Board of Canada's Huge Archive of Free Streaming Movies

This is sort of a combined blessing and nightmare to me, so many films I want to watch! National Film Board of Canada has one of the greatest selections of free streaming movies I've seen. The quality is great and the selection of films seems to be very unique.

Here, a small sample of what they're offering. The Art of Eating (1976) highlights one of the biannual dinners of a leading international gastronomic society at Club Prosper Montagné:

Additional great resources are SnagFilms and Culture Unplugged.

Featured image: From "The Art of Eating".

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Kodak Moment: Kittens in Peru

This beautiful image was taken by Geralyn Shukwit while on travel in Peru:

They were jumping rope when we came down the dirt road, we stopped to ask a question and the next thing I knew... kittens! The light was magical as it reflected off of the lagoon nearing on sunset, a small fire burning in the distance, their father tending to the recently planted potatoes... the kids couldn't have been happier to entertain us as we photographed these simple moments of their lives.

Via @indisecreet.

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Norweigan Ice Bather Saves Duck

Norweigan hero of the day! A duck was walking on a frozen lake and suddenly got trapped under the ice. Fortunately, ice bather Lars Jørun Langøien was close by and jumped in to save it.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Documentary Series The Norden

The documentary series "The Norden" takes a closer look at the Nordic welfare model and the Nordic society, from an outsider's point of view. I find this series extremely interesting, especially since the observer is from abroad, which makes you reflect on certain things that otherwise would risk go unnoticed.

Some of the facts about my neighbouring countries surprised me. It wasn't that long ago I learned that the Norweigan police force doesn't carry a gun, like the British police.

The Norden – Police (full episode):

The Norden – Nordic prisons (full episode):

The Norden – Religion (full episode):

Featured image: From the episode "Police".

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Stella Artois' Video Series Perfectionists

Stella Artois' video series "Perfectionists" is beautiful storytelling. Here, an animated portrait of Wimbledon's official trophy engraver Roman Zoltowski:

And "Sandman", portraying Royal Liverpool's Head Greenkeeper Craig Gilholm's work with the sand traps during the 2014 Open Championship:

Featured image: From "Sandman".

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Hipstory: Famous Political Leaders as Hipsters

How would some of our former famous political leaders look like as hipsters? Illustrator Amit Shimoni might give us a clue in his series "Hipstory".

Winston Churchill:

Nelson Mandela:

Featured image: Mahatma Gandhi

Via Metro (SE).

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Bench Pressing Warren Buffett Holiday Card

Warren Buffett's holiday gifts have been sent out together with a nice holiday card of a bench pressing Buffett:

Every year, See’s Candies ships out boxes of their candy as holiday gifts on behalf of Warren Buffett, whose Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has owned See’s since 1972. The boxes come adorned with amusing photographs of Mr. Buffett (at least in the two years yours truly has covered Berkshire and its chairman).

Last year, it was a photo of Mr. Buffett dressed as Walter White, a.k.a. Heisenberg, the character on “Breaking Bad” who was played by Bryan Cranston. The photo came complete with a fake photoshopped beard and a hat that said “Honorary Heisenberg.”

This year’s box has a photograph of Mr. Buffett pretending to bench-press what looks like 200lb, according to some of the newsroom’s regular bench-pressers. Beneath the photo is the caption: “Working off a few pounds after eating my daily allotment of See’s candy.” Yeah, right.

Via @PreetaTweets.

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Thieves Drove Away with Sacred Cow in the Backseat of a Car

One of the weirdest things I've ever seen! Thieves in India stole a sacred cow and drove away with it in the backseat of the car:

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Danny Lyon's New York City Subway Photographs on Display

The photography exhibit "Underground: 1966" displays eight large-scale New York City subway photographs, taken by photographer Danny Lyon in 1966:

In 1966, photographer Danny Lyon returned to his hometown of New York City after spending years documenting the Civil Rights Movement in the South and motorcycle gangs in Chicago. Once back in the city, Lyon took his mother’s advice: "If you’re bored, just talk to someone on the subway." Using a Rolleiflex camera and Kodak color transparency film, he started taking photographs of New York’s commuters and its dingy, fluorescent-lit train stations.

Now, eight of Lyon’s large-scale subway photographs are on view for the first time in Underground: 1966. The show, hosted by MTA Arts & Design, will be up for a year at the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station in Brooklyn, seen by the 40,000 people who pass through the transit hub every day.


You find the rest of the pictures here.

Featured image: "Dekalb"

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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Noise Reduction Air Travel Baby Kit

Some caring parents prepared a kit with treats and earplugs for a fellow passenger when taking their one-year-old daughter for her very first flight. Some say the story is old news, but a similar event happened back in 2012 when parents of twins handed out sweets and ear plugs.

Via Metro (SE).

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Homeless Bodybuilder Jacques Sayagh Works Out On the Streets of Paris

Jacques Sayagh is a homeless competitive bodybuilder, working out on the streets of Paris. I wish him well!

The music playing is "Digital Versicolor" (video link) by Glass Candy.

Via @ManFlowYoga.

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Yoga Surfer

Simply said, Michael went from being a goverment lawyer to becoming a surf fanatic, and then finding his true calling in yoga. An inspring portrait of finding the courage to try out something new.

Via Yolanda Padrón.

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Ueli Steck Speed Climbs the Eiger In the Swiss Alps

Swiss rock climber and mountaineer Ueli Steck speed climbs the Eiger in the Swiss Alps. Here, ice and snow comes into the equation, so this is a real adrenaline rush:

Via @jackschwager.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Coca-Cola Ad That Won't Happen

The Coca-Cola ad you probably never will see being aired on television:

Via @homestretchfit.


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