Thursday, May 25, 2017

'Like a Money Machine': The PBS Doc 'The Madoff Affair' Tells the Story About Bernard Madoff's Gigantic Ponzi Scheme

The PBS Frontline documentary "The Madoff Affair" (2009) tells the story about investor Bernard "Bernie" Madoff and the gigantic Ponzi Scheme he constructed and operated during many years until it all unravelled in 2008.

In the mid-1960s, Bernard Madoff tapped money from Jewish businessmen at exclusive country clubs with the promise of steady guaranteed returns on their investments. He then set his sights on Europe and Latin America, brokering deals with powerful hedge fund managers and feeder funds from Buenos Aires to Geneva. Billions of dollars were channeled to Madoff's investment firm, and his feeders became fabulously wealthy. The competition wondered how the man could produce such steady returns in good times and bad. There were allegations that Madoff was "front-running" or operating a Ponzi scheme, which the SEC investigated several times over the last two decades. But Madoff remained untouched until Dec. 11, 2008, when he admitted it was all "one big lie." FRONTLINE unravels the story behind the world's first truly global Ponzi scheme — a deception that lasted longer, reached wider and cut deeper than any other business scandal in history.

Watch the full documentary at the PBS Frontline site.

Read More: Bernard 'Bernie' Madoff's Personal Secretary Speaks Out in the Documentary 'In God We Trust' (2013)

IKEA Catalogue Covers from 1951 to 2015

Gizmodo has compiled a great list with IKEA catalogue covers from 1951 to 2015.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

'That Was the GDR': A Documentary Series About East Germany

"That Was the GDR: A History of the Other Germany" (1993) is a 2-DVD set that includes seven documentaries that tells the story about the founding of East Germany in 1949 until the German unification on October 3, 1990.

And here is the playlist for the rest of the episodes.

A Bear Cub Helps Out With the Gardening

This is rather cute -- a bear cub helps out with the gardening and planting potatoes somewhere in Russia.

Via Holy Kaw.

'My Name Is Mike and I Have a Coke Habit': Reasons Why You Shouldn't Drink Coca-Cola

The following animated video was directed and produced by Dresscode and tells the story of Mike who began drinking Coca-Cola at a young age, a habit that sometimes made him drink eight cans a day.

When Mike decided to stop drinking Coke cold turkey, he experienced withdrawal symtoms such as vision problems and migraines, and it even got so bad that he ended up in the doctor's office.

Via Boing Boing.

Listen to Giorgio Moroder's DJ Set at Deep Space, New York

Listen to Giorgio Moroder's DJ set at Deep Space in New York from 2013.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Spotern: Helps You Identify Products Seen on Screen

Need or/and want to find a product that you've seen in a movie?! The site Spotern that currently is in beta might be the solution you've been looking for.

Here, a community helps to identify various products that are seen in movies and TV series.

Avolatte: Coffee in a Piece of 'Rubbish'

Avolatte is a latte made in an avocado, something that Truman Cafe in Melbourne came up with as a joke when they uploaded it on Instagram. But when the video went viral, it went from being a joke to something real. Hilarious!


This is either a clever marketing campaign wrapped up as a tongue-in-cheek satire about the housing affordability debate, or maybe we've just reached peak hipster. Or maybe both.

But judging from the cry-laugh emoji posted alongside a video of the caffeinated creation posted on Instagram last week which has since gone viral, it’s probably all just a dumb joke.

In fact a barista at the cafe, Jaydin Nathan, confirmed the obvious to that, yes, "it was actually just a joke".

"We weren't actually selling them but then someone came in today and wanted one," he said.

"I think it's ridiculous. It's literally coffee in a piece of rubbish."

Meet Polaroid Photographer Jarrod Reno

Photographer Jarrod Reno dusted off his Polaroid camera eight years ago that he had standing on the shelf because it looked good, and instead began documenting the growth of his daughter, a decision that eventually led to a career change.

Large Collection of Eastern European Matchbox Labels from the 1950s and 60s

Jane McDevitt has collected and compiled a large number of Eastern European matchbox labels from the 1950s and 60s that you can view on Flickr. Below are a few samples:

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