Friday, July 31, 2015

Wonder Mark: A Short Film Portraying Acclaimed Tattoo Artist Mark Mahoney

In the short film "Wonder Mark" by creative director Ivan Olita, we meet acclaimed tattoo artist Mark Mahoney, owner of Hollywood located tattoo studio The Shamrock Social Club. I really appreciate the film's photography, so good.

Via Devour.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blogger Jason Kottke and CTO Mark Wilkie Discuss The Early Days of BuzzFeed

A conversation between blogger and designer Jason Kottke and the CTO of BuzzFeed, Mark Wilkie, about the internet company's early days, during this year's Internet Week New York.

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Sonia Jones Found the Healing Power of Ashtanga Yoga

In the Vanity Fair, an article about Sonia Jones, the wife of hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones, finding the healing power of Ashtanga yoga, her work of bringing yoga to the masses, how Ashtanga yoga came to the West, and how the Ashtanga community in large has starting to evolve.

Through Paul’s friendship with self-help master Tony Robbins, the Joneses met Pete Egoscue, who is basically the guru of back pain. Pete’s wife, Troi, practiced yoga in Encinitas, California, with one of Pattabhi Jois’s best-known students, Tim Miller. Troi told Sonia that to get well she too had to practice the kind of yoga Jois taught, which is widely known as Ashtanga. In today’s yoga-mad America, Ashtanga can be a rubric for a lot of things, but Troi insisted that Sonia had to practice in the very specific manner Jois taught, and with a teacher he had approved. After the Egoscues interviewed teachers on her behalf, Sonia began working with an ashtangi named Maria Rubinate. “It was a huge turning point in my life,” recalls Sonia.

In the article, the documentary "Ashtanga, NY – A Yoga Documentary" (2003) by Caroline Laskow and Mary Wigmore, is mentioned. Here is the first part of the documentary:

And here's the second part:

It's also on Netflix.

Featured image: K. Pattabhi Jois, founder of Ashtanga yoga, via Michelle May.

H/t James Altucher.

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Lexus Launches the Hoverboard 'Slide' on August 5th

Hendo was first out with a hoverboard, and now Lexus is launching their own board named Slide on August 5th. Wired has written a longer piece about the mechanics behind the board:

According to Lexus, its hoverboard relies on superconductors and magnets, which combine to repel the force of gravity and lift an object—like, say, a fancy skateboard and its rider—above the ground.

That may sound familiar to anyone who recalls the Hendo hoverboard, which debuted as a Kickstarter last fall. You can read about the physics behind the Hendo in great depth here, but the key difference between it and the Lexus project is that Lexus opted for a superconductor—which creates a different kind of magnetic field—instead of a plain ol’ conductor.

Watch the teaser:

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The Classic Rally Short Film 'Climb Dance' (1989) with Ari Vatanen Now in HD

"Climb Dance" (1989) is a short film directed by Jean Louis Mourey, which captures Finnish rally driver Ari Vatanen's drive up to the summit of Pikes Peak during the 1988 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado, USA.

I have only seen this film in low quality before, except for one time when it was broadcast on TV, but thanks to Peugeot who remasterded it in celebration of their participation in the 2013 contest with French driver Sébastien Loeb, it's now available in HD.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Project Overview Effect: A View of Our Magnificent Earth from Above

With captivating images, the project Daily Overview explores our Earth from high above, letting us ponder the impact we have on our Earth and its magnificence.

Our project was inspired, and derives its name, from an idea known as the Overview Effect. This term refers to the sensation astronauts have when given the opportunity to look down and view the Earth as a whole. They have the chance to appreciate our home in its entirety, to reflect on its beauty and its fragility all at once. That's the cognitive shift that we hope to inspire.

From our line of sight on the earth's surface, it’s impossible to fully appreciate the beauty and intricacy of the things we’ve constructed, the sheer complexity of the systems we’ve developed, or the devastating impact that we’ve had on our planet. We believe that beholding these forces as they shape our Earth is necessary to make progress in understanding who we are as a species, and what is needed to sustain a safe and healthy planet.

Uranium mine in Arlit, Niger:

Olive tree plantation in Córdoba, Andalusia, Spain:

Spreckels Sugar Company in Brawley, California:

Port of Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium:

Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia:

Via Swissmiss.

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Vagabond and Cyclist Ultra Romance Works Only Six Months a Year

35-year-old Ultra Romance works as a guide and fisherman, and sells bicycle parts on Ebay, but he only works a total of six months a year, enough to make a living. The rest of the year, he travels with his bike and do whatever he feels like.

"The more you learn about human history, it reveals that in a hunter-gatherer society, say in New England 400 years ago, it took nine hours a week to procure everything you needed to live for that week, and the rest was all leisure time. This is what's natural to us. We've only been living the way we are now since the Industrial Revolution, and it's not for me."

"I like to romanticize the ideals of being out on your own and that ultimate freedom of not having any ties. I understand that you need to have some ties — we can't go directly back to that. At this point we've gone too far. And I'm not one to get held up in a mountain like a hermit. I like my internet and I love Instagram and all that stuff — I love Whole Foods. There are plenty of modern conveniences that I love."

For more, read Ian Dille's longer piece about his meeting and re-encounter with Ultra Romance.

I met the man who is also known as Poppi, Bolty, J.B., and a variety of other names (but who, for the purpose of telling this story and out of respect for what he says are "tax reasons," we'll refer to as Benedict) in Austin in 2006. He was a bike messenger and a Cat 5 road racer with the persona of a vain Euro pro: his bike accented with gold parts, his muscular body rippling under white spandex. Despite holding a license that classified him as belonging to the lowest, most inexperienced level of amateur bike racing, he regularly dropped everyone, including me (a former pro), on the weekend hammer ride. He was dating a female bike racer from San Antonio, a woman with soft green eyes and long dark hair, and the words Fuck and Y'all tattooed on the back of either thigh. They fell in love and moved to Benedict's boyhood home on the mouth of the Connecticut River, and I never heard much about him after that, never really thought about him except during those occasional times some of us would swap stories about the characters who'd passed through our local cycling scene.

Photo credit: Via Ultra Romance's Instagram account.

Via Metro (SE).

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Franco Columbu Lifts a Car in 'Pumping Iron' (1977)

Earlier today, Devour posted footage showing a cyclist lifting a car, which is blocking the bike lane. That instantly reminded me about a scene from the bodybuilding documentary "Pumping Iron" (1977), when Franco Columbu does the same thing with a car caught in its parking spot.

See the full "Pumping Iron" here (video link).

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gregg Godfrey's Record-breaking 166 Feet Jump with a Semi-truck

Honking, jumping and skidding, all done by this semi-truck crowd pleaser. Watch Gregg Godfrey jump record-breaking 166 feet during the Evel Knievel Days in Butte, Montana.

Via Devour.

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"True Detective" Meets "Starsky and Hutch" in This 70's Style Video Remix

As the headline states, "True Detective" and "Starsky and Hutch" mixed together with a touch of the 70's.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Don't Miss Out on Jon Favreau's Film 'Chef' (2014)

Jon Favreau's film "Chef" (2014), in which he plays an creatively inhibited top chef who ditches his job and instead get himself a foodtruck, is one of the best films I've seen recently. With great acting (and actors), colorful cinematography, and one heck of a great soundtrack, this is a must see.


The soundtrack on Spotify:

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The Tour de France GoPro Experience

Join the cyclists for a short ride on this year's Tour de France with GoPro:

Via Devour.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Peter Giacobbi Built His Own Dream Car, the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

After Peter Giacobbi had found a handmade aluminum body of his dream car, the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, the complex work of putting it all together began to build an exact replica of the original model. There are only five original parts sitting in the original car, each one costing a small fortune, so Peter's car consists of a mix of original Ferrari parts and modified ones, all carefully copied and crafted to look like the originals.

A true labour of love by a man, who once in the 70's together with his friend, challenged Ferrari with building a supercar by the name Giacobbi Sinthesis 2000.

The Giacobbi Sinthesis 2000:

Via Devour.

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'Hobbyist' Ben Schlappig Flies All Over the World for Free

Rolling Stone Magazine's piece about hobbyist and frequent air traveler Ben Schlappig, is a fascinating read about being able to fly all over the world at no cost. Ever since Ben Schlappig gave up his Seattle apartment one year ago, he's been living on airplanes and in hotels, flying all over the world, spending an average of six hours everyday up in the air. Airtravel has been a long passion of his since the early teens, and for years he's been part of a community that engages in the art of travel hacking, something known as the Hobby, which involves taking advantage of a airline's reward program and its loopholes.

"I'm very fortunate in that I do what I love," says Schlappig, stretching out in an ergonomic armchair as we reach 30,000 feet and just before the mushroom consommé arrives. In the past year, since ditching the Seattle apartment he shared with his ex-boyfriend, he's flown more than 400,000 miles, enough to circumnavigate the globe 16 times. It's been 43 exhausting weeks since he slept in a bed that wasn't in a hotel, and he spends an average of six hours daily in the sky. He has a freewheeling itinerary, often planning his next destination upon hitting the airport. Just last week, he rocketed through Dallas, Dubai, Oman, Barcelona and Frankfurt. Yet for all his travel, it would be a mistake to call Schlappig a nomad. The moment that he whiffs the airless ambience of a pressurized cabin, he's home.

"An airplane is my bedroom," he says, stretching to reach his complimentary slippers. "It's my office, and it's my playroom." The privilege of reclining in this personal suite costs around $15,000. Schlappig typically makes this trip when he's bored on the weekend. He pays for it like he pays for everything: with a sliver of his gargantuan cache of frequent-flyer miles that grows only bigger by the day. Hong Kong, he says, is his favorite hub, and "the only city I could ever live in." The 16-hour trip has become so routine that it's begun to feel like a pajama-clad blur of champagne and caviar — or, in Schlappig's terminology, a "two-hangover flight."

Photo credit: Photography by Bryan Derballa.

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'Awake: The Life of Yogananda' (2014) – The Documentary About Indian Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda

The life and teachings of Indian yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic "Autobiography of a Yogi" (1946), is depicted in the documentary "Awake: The Life of Yogananda" (2014). It will be released on DVD in September this year, but screenings are currently available throghout the United States.

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