Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mike the Hamster Loves Carrots and It's Adorable

Mike the hamster loves carrots. That's it, and it's adorable!

The footage reminds me about the clip with Chewbacca the Sloth.

Via Boing Boing.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

'Snow Craft – Generations' (2014): From Surfing on Snow to Snowboarding

In the three-episode documentary web series "Snow Craft: Generations" (2014), former professional snowboarder and filmmaker Lukas Huffman in collaboration with writer and producer Jesse Huffman, tell the story about the pioneering work done by snowboard manufacturers such as Dimitrije Milovich from Winterstick and Mervin Manufacturing, to the innovative snowboard makers of today.

An interesting journey from when surfing on snow evolved to snowboarding as we know it today.

Watch the full documentary version:

Featured image: From episode two – "Winterstick’s Lost Legacy".

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Explorer Sam Cossman's Close Encounter with an Active Volcanic Crater

Explorer and filmmaker Sam Cossman and a team of experts travelled to the volcanic island Ambrym, an island belonging to the Oceanian country Vanuatu located in the South Pacific Ocean, to explore the lava lake in the Marum crater up close. The footage is both enchanting and terrifying to watch at the same time.

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'25 Years of Christmas': Dad Videotapes His Children Coming Down the Stairs on Christmas Morning

Every year, writer Nick Confalone's dad videotaped Nick and his sister coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. Nick made a compilation of all the videos he could find and named it "25 Years of Christmas". The film is accompanied by Vince Guaraldi's lovely song "Christmas Time is Here" (video link).

Via Daily Mail.

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Norway at Its Best: A Time Lapse

Morten Rustad's time lapse of Norway displays the nature of Norway at its best. Music by Jogeir Daae Mæland.

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Golfer Bubba Watson's Signature Drink

Spoiler alert! I have to say that I share golfer Bubba Watson's appreciation for tap water and ice.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

These Performances by Dubstep Dancer Marquese Scott Will Amaze You

I'm a big admirer of dancer Marquese Scott after having seen him dance to a dubstep remix of Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain".

Here he is with yet another great performance. Incredible!

And I have to leave you with this video that blew me away of Scott dancing alongside Poppin John:

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Hear 'Eye of the Tiger' Being Played On a Dot Matrix Printer

Hear the song "Eye of the Tiger" (1982) by Survivor being played on a dot matrix printer.

Visit Midi Desaster's YouTube channel for more tunes.

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New Eye-Catching Trick by Skateboarder Tony Hawk: World's First Horizontal Loop

In collaboration with Sony, skateboarder Tony Hawk built the world's first horizontal loop to be able to pull off yet another eye-catching trick.

Via Rolling Stone.

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Ford's Speed Dating Prank: Group of Bachelors Unknowingly Date a Female Professional Stunt Driver

In a prank done by Ford, a group of bachelors unknowingly date a female professional stunt driver, who later on in the date reveals her professional skills by burning some tire in an empty parking lot.

Via Mashable.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

'Faces of Yoga': Uncomfortable Photos of People in Strange Positions

The Kickstarter project and coffee table photo book "Faces of Yoga" by Jonah Sargent, consists of uncomfortable photos of people in strange positions.

Sargent told Mashable, that he got the idea for the book after having observed something at an upscale yoga studio in Minneapolis:

"While cleaning at this studio I occasionally overheard yogis being up-sold expensive yoga pants, mats and designer headbands. One day a woman came in and bought nearly $500 of yoga clothing because the yoga instructor was telling her she looked sexy in it. During class the instructor kept complimenting her, and the yogi kept looking in the mirror and readjusting to look more picturesque. It all just made me feel like there was something funny with the glamorisation of this ancient discipline."

I find this book to be interesting for yet another reason – this book conveys the message that yoga can be tough exercise – and yoga teacher Bryan Kest sums it up in a good way by calling Power Yoga for the ultimate cross-training.

Watch Kickstarter video:

Image credit: Via Metro (UK).

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Made in New Zealand: The Octopus Surfboard Coffee Table

It took over 100 hours for this New Zealander, to carve out and complete this magnificent cofee table. I just love how the end polish looks like with the octopus burnt into the wood.

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Intriguing Cinematic Details in Seth Armstrong's Paintings

Seth Armstrong is a Los Angeles based artist, whose work offers intriguing cinematic details. Following paintings, except for "Color on the Ritz", is taken from Armstrong's exhibition "The Air is Thick" in 2015 at the Thinkspace Art Gallery.

"Color on the Ritz", 2015, oil on paper on wood:

"Bullitt in Italy", 2014, oil on paper:

"January 5th", 2015, oil on paper on wood:

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

'Hero': A Portrait Made Up by 3.2 Million Ink Dots

Miguel Endara's drawing "Hero" is a portrait of his dad, made up by 3.2 million ink dots.

Via Jonathan Moore.

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Dog Chases Owner with a Hose and Sprays Him

This footage of a owner getting chased by his dog, who sprays him with water, is just a great thing to watch.

Via Holy Kow.

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