Thursday, November 3, 2016

Video Editor Filmora Now Includes Pan and Zoom, Auto Ripple and Advanced Color Tuning

In an earlier post, I wrote a review about Wondershare's powerful video editor Filmora, that despite all its functionality comes with a very modest price tag.

Filmora's recent update includes a few features that I missed in the previous version and wished soon would be included. So, when the recent update was available, it didn't disappoint.

Pan and Zoom – In this update, Filmora comes with the pan and zoom tool also known as the Ken Burns effect, which makes it easy to give image and video additional depth by zooming in and panning over them.

The Magnetic Timeline and Auto Ripple – I really missed this feature in the last version, and alongside with the ability to pan and zoom, I thought these were the features that prevented Filmora to be a great film editor overall.

In the previous version, the video layer didn't correspond directly with the layers underneath, which meant that if you had synced and aligned sound, text and effects to your video and then decided to add another video clip somewhere in the video layer, it all got out of sync if you didn't perform a workaround. Now, enabling the auto ripple, a video clip's corresponding effects, overlays, text and music will move along beautifully to its new position. And another great little feature with this tool – if you decide to delete a video clip from the timeline, the corresponding elements below will also get deleted, leaving you with a clean working area without having to do the time consuming task of going through several layers and delete manually.

Advanced Color Tuning – With this tool, you can adjust the color of your video clips and images by using presets and 3D LUTs that you're able to adjust to your liking. Some of these presets are inspired by films and TV shows like "Star Wars" and "Game of Thrones" or that vintage film look that I love, like Polaroid. But it doesn't end here – you can go ahead and experiment by your own by changing the many different options and settings for light and color. If you end up with a nice color scheme, you are able to save it as a preset which is really handy if you need to reuse it on another project.

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Reading through the comments on Filmora's YouTube channel and Facebook page, there seems to be lots of requested features, that soon or in a near future, will be implemented. I can't wait to see what the new update will bring!

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