Friday, November 20, 2015

'Faces of Yoga': Uncomfortable Photos of People in Strange Positions

The Kickstarter project and coffee table photo book "Faces of Yoga" by Jonah Sargent, consists of uncomfortable photos of people in strange positions.

Sargent told Mashable, that he got the idea for the book after having observed something at an upscale yoga studio in Minneapolis:

"While cleaning at this studio I occasionally overheard yogis being up-sold expensive yoga pants, mats and designer headbands. One day a woman came in and bought nearly $500 of yoga clothing because the yoga instructor was telling her she looked sexy in it. During class the instructor kept complimenting her, and the yogi kept looking in the mirror and readjusting to look more picturesque. It all just made me feel like there was something funny with the glamorisation of this ancient discipline."

I find this book to be interesting for yet another reason – this book conveys the message that yoga can be tough exercise – and yoga teacher Bryan Kest sums it up in a good way by calling Power Yoga for the ultimate cross-training.

Watch Kickstarter video:

Image credit: Via Metro (UK).

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