Thursday, August 28, 2014

Discover and Benefit from the Ultimate Cross-training: Bryan Kest´s Power Yoga

I have been practicing yoga close to three years now, and my practice has for the most time been Power Yoga. I practice from home, and will probably some time in the future seek out a teacher.

Almost on a daily basis, I step on the mat and use one of three yoga sessions from "Bryan Kest´s Power Yoga Series". To this day, I still deepen my yoga practice by doing this series.

Bryan Kest:

If I can do yoga, anyone can do it. If you'd seen my very first attempt at yoga compared to what I'm able to do now, you wouldn't need any convincing. And yes, the practice is very physical.

If someone stumble upon this post and start benefiting from the practice of yoga, you've made my day. But be cautious, it's very addictive, just writing about this makes me wanna get up and do some asanas.

Here are the Power Yoga videos (YouTube) I'm using:

For the time being, I haven't any membership at Power Yoga Online, but I did try out the service for a month a year ago, and since then, much work seem to have been added to the site with many classes to choose from. Worth noting, it's no hassle to cancel your membership.

Image credit: Images from Bryan's blog.

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