Tuesday, February 16, 2016

'Martindale–Jefferson City 1955': The Fictitious Railway Station and Miniature Town in Wisconsin

By using Google Maps and studying historic photos from the area, Swede Erik Björnwall has created a fantasy railway station and miniature town called "Martindale–Jefferson City 1955" that resembles a society found in Wisconsin, USA, in the 50's.

Unfortunately, I can't find any streaming footage of Martindale, so I leave you with this video about Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg instead. Miniatur Wunderland has the largest model railway in the world and lots of other great objects built in miniature format.

Other great miniature work I've previously written about include artist Michael Paul Smith's miniature town Elgin Park and photographer Frank Kunert's photo series of small worlds.

Imgage credit: Copyright Erik Björnwall

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