Wednesday, February 24, 2016

'Down the Stream' (2014): The River Children of Vietnam

The award-winning short "Down The Stream" tells the story and dreams of the children who live on the river in Long Xuyên, Vietnam.

They seem to live a rather harsh life with no real access to education, a limited supply of food and other things we most of the times take for granted. Despite all of this, they appear to be extremely joyous, grateful, responsible and having big dreams for the future.

But, thankfully, this short film made an impact. The films director Mai Huyen Chi wrote the following:

12 days after this video was uploaded and shared on Facebook, we have received overwhelmingly warm responses from the public in Vietnam. As I am writing this, a great many are offering to help the kids. A few friends and myself are developing an action plan, most possibly a mobile school and creativity centre as the most immediate goal, before we launch an official project and start to accept support in kinds or manpower.

There may be a happy ending to follow, after all. We'll see.

Via Attitude at Rome.

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