Wednesday, February 17, 2016

'Apology': The Creative Magazine by Vice's Former Editor in Chief Jesse Pearson

From 2013, Jesse Pearson, former editor in chief of Vice magazine, talks to The New York Times about his transition from Vice to creating his own creative magazine called "Apology".

Apology's content, a mix of fiction, literary nonfiction, photography and cultural reporting, ranges from the comedic to the arcane. There is a 58-page question-and-answer with the Adult Swim satirists "Tim and Eric"; a sit-down with John Ashbery conducted during a visit to the poet's antique clapboard-and-stone house in Hudson, N.Y.; and a transcript of a wonky panel discussion about "The Endangered Semicolon." The cover photo by Roe Ethridge evokes the floral artwork from a 1983 L.P. by the band New Order. Mr. Pearson hopes the idiosyncratic, almost zine-like appeal will help distinguish Apology from the cultural exclusivity of journals like n+1 and The Paris Review, while piquing the interest of readers familiar with his previous editorial pursuits.

"I guess what I’m talking about is moving out of the hipster ghetto," he said, scrolling through proofs on his two MacBook Pros. "Can I make the semicolon interesting to people who used to be into the kind of stuff I did at Vice? Because I really want to be able to."

Featured image: Jesse Pearson's portrait by photographer Danny Ghitis / The New York Times

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