Thursday, November 5, 2015

Huffington Post's Xaque Gruber Interviews KCRW's Music Director Jason Bentley

For Huffington Post, Xaque Gruber interviews radio station KCRW's music director Jason Bentley. Find out where to find the best vinyl in Hollywood, why it's important to trust your interests, and how his deep love for music came about.

Xaque Gruber: Did your passion for music begin with your parents' music collection?

Jason Bentley: Both of my parents had great record collections. My Dad and I had a ritual of going to record stores on weekends and pick out albums. Part of the fun was taking a risk buying an album in the dollar bin that we didn't know - maybe just based on the cover - and the discovery process in that was so joyful. My Dad was a great vinyl and book collector, and that rubbed off on me.

The following video is a nice addition with Jason from inside the KCRW studio:

And here is my earlier post with a list of Jason's 10 favorite albums of 2014.

Featured image: From the #SupportKCRW video with Jason, produced by Colin Hanks and his production company "Company Name".

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