Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hear a Speedy Version of Michael Jackson's 'Bad' by Fast Talker John Moschitta Jr.

John Moschitta, Jr. is the former world record holder of being the fastest talker with the ability to articulate 586 words per minute. Since 1995, the world record holder is Sean Shannon, who broke Steve Woodmore's world record of 637 wpm that took place in 1990, with Sean being able to articulate 655 wpm.

In 1987, John got interviewed by reporter Marcus Jones for WGBH's The Ten O'Clock News in Boston, and he'll give you a speedy and, according to him, a sloppy version of Michael Jacksons' song "Bad", taken from the studio album with the same name that was released in August that year.

Here is the FedEx commercial they're talking about:

And here's the slowed down version. Pretty amazing!

You can still get hold of used copies of John's audio course "10-Minute University" over at Amazon. Here's the CD version.

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