Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Former Investment Banker Tells It All in the Documentary 'Master of the Universe' (2013)

Former German investment banker Rainer Voss talks about his successfull career in the banking industry, and paints an unflattering picture of what went on behind the scenes in the documentary "Master of the Universe" (2013) – original title "Der Banker: Master of the Universe". When I watched the documentary, one thing stood out: the cinematography by Boerres Weiffenbach. He beautifully captures the setting of the 13-storey building located in Mainzer Landstrasse 23 in Frankfurt am Main, that has stood empty since 2007 after a merger between two banks.

For the first time, a true international finance industry insider tells all. Rainer Voss, a man who was once one of Germany's leading investment bankers and who easily handled millions in his heyday, reveals his personal insight on how the glittering financial world really operates, from all its dark abysses and lack of scruples to its semi-religious rules. Did the global financial crisis change anything? Voss's forecast is disquieting…

"One word characterizes our cinematic work in the finance industry: FEAR. The industry is afraid to reveal itself. Every move could be falsely interpreted by the outside world. Before they take that risk, they'd rather say nothing at all." Marc Bauder, Director

Watch the trailer:

You can watch the film via Amazon or at Distrify.

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