Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Meet Gabriel Bremler, a Professional Lego Builder

After having concluded 6 out of 10 semesters of the psychology program, Gabriel Bremler decided to take a study break and build Lego models full-time (Swedish article). It all began when he built a model of Stockholm City's subway station Hötorget, and his friends encouraged him to contact SL (Stockholm Public Transport) and Bombardier, to see if they would be interested of obtaining and buying the model for display. They did, and as a result he started his own company Bremlerbrick.

Since then, he has been commissioned to build several large-scale models.

X 2000 train – client SJTAB:

Sveavägen 44 – client Diligentia:

Block Orgelpipan – client Strabag:

Power transformer – client Nynas:

Råsunda soccer stadium – client private:

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