Thursday, March 5, 2015

Learn 'Primordial Sound Meditation' Online from a Chopra Certified Instructor

I've had the privilege to review The Spark of Karma's Primordial Sound Meditation online course run by Chopra Center certified instructor Dmitry Denisenko.

There are countless different reasons why someone would like to learn meditation in the comfort of their home, instead of taking a live class; you may be short of funds, or perhaps you live in a remote place and are unable to find a class close to your home, or you simply prefer to learn by yourself.

Spark of Karma's class material is of such quality that it feels like you're participating in a live class.

Learn From and Study the Course Anytime, Anywhere

The course consists of seven modules, and each module is assigned a high quality video to assist you in your learning. Also, for every session, there are audio and written instructions available for download, which makes a great option for occasions when you commute or take a walk, to name a few.

The course material is clearly outlined and the material is easy to grasp.

Your Personal Mantra

In this class, you receive your personal mantra, that's based on your date and birthplace, during a one-on-one phone session with your teacher
Dmitry, which ensures that you pronounce and repeat the mantra correct and effortlessly.

Continuing Support to Maintain and Improve Your Meditation Practice

After you have concluded the course, and been given your personal mantra, you'll start to receive a few follow-up emails that answers many common questions regarding your meditation practice. These will support and improve your practice, and make sure you're on the right track.

I've previously written about the course Natural Stress Relief and the "Learn to Meditate Kit" by Patricia Carrington, and this is the only online course I've found that are of equal high quality.

First Session for Free

It's worth noting, that if you decide to sign up to watch the first session for free, you'll receive a few emails with additional information to help you decide if signing up for the PSM class is something you'd like to do. You'll receive around 10 emails, but with an no-hassle way to unsubscribe.

A Moderate Course Fee

So, if you're looking for online instruction in how to practice effortless mantra meditation and for the moderate fee of just $150, I highly recommend you taking this class.

Featured image: Dmitry and Deepak Chopra.

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