Thursday, November 27, 2014

Oliver Reed's Acting Lesson

In this clip from the BBC documentary In At The Deep End (1985), actor Oliver Reed gives journalist Paul Heiney a little lesson in acting. 01.36 min in gets me every time!

Oliver Reed was certainly an actor with a very powerful presence and persona, so I'm very glad to have found the three-part web documentary Oliver Reed: In Search of a Legend in which Oliver's son Mark Reed talks to actor Rob Crouch about his father, a most welcome contrast to some of the videos that can be found showing a rather tipsy Oliver.

Hearing Mark speak in the beginning of part 3 just makes me sad. The reality TV exploitation mindset isn't new after all, e.g. Mark mentions his dad appearance on the show "The Word" (video), when they spied on him in the green room, just cynical.

Featured image: Oliver Reed portrait by Duane Michals. Via Masters of photography.

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