Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hedge Fund Manager Ray Dalio Attributes Much of His Success to Transcendental Meditation

In an article from Yahoo Finance, hedge fund mananager Ray Dalio attributes much of his success to Transcendental Meditation, which he talks about in Dr. Norman Rosenthal's latest book "Super Mind: How to Boost Performance and Live a Richer and Happier Life Through Transcendental Meditation". Not only keeps the practice Dalio calm, but it also enhances his creativity and problem solving, and gives him the ability to come up with great and unique business ideas.

Dalio tells Rosenthal that meditating helps him remain "centered." It's a calmness that he describes as being "like a Ninja."

"It means when things come at you – challenges, stresses, disruptive events – you can be calm and analytical and approach them almost, I imagine, like a Ninja sees things coming at him in slow motion so that he's obviously in control. Being "centered" is that state in which your emotions are not hijacking you. The ability to think clearly, put things in their right place and have perspective: That's what I mean by 'centered.'"

Dalio's success in the financial markets comes from making multiple good decisions over time. Meditation helps him make those decisions.

Image credit: Via Dealbreaker.

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