Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Live Streaming App Periscope Helps Spreading Meditation Around the World

From Mashable, the live streaming app Periscope is helping broadcasters to teach the art of meditation and yoga around the world.

"The word 'meditation' is often associated with a negative connotation due to the many misunderstandings people have," says Amrit Singh (@MrASingh), a UK-based creative who broadcasts art, meditations and #TimeToInspire scopes about mindfulness and gratitude. "[Through livestreaming] real people who practice various types of meditation can show people all over the world what it is and how many different types of meditation forms there are. It's amazing."

Singh has been meditating for seven years. His personal practice includes a combination of traditional, mantra (concentration on a word) and creating art pieces often inspired by nature. When people started commenting on his livestream ("this is so calming;" "I am feeling really relaxed;" and "this is my therapy"), he realized that his 'scopes were helping people to recognize that art is a form of meditation, too.


Gregory Reading, who leads meditation under @NamasteMan, says, "As humanity slowly reawakens to its divinity, meditation is becoming a key component in this process. Periscope is serving as an instantaneous conduit to help deliver this process to the people in a most amazing way."

And after reading this article, I can't see no problem with teaching effortless mantra meditation, like Transcendental Meditation, via Periscope classes since it will still be one-to-one teaching.

Featured image: The collage "Flotar entre las nubes" (Float Among the Clouds) by Mariano Peccinetti.

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