Monday, November 9, 2015

Coffee and Chrome: Large Collection of Postcards from Diners Around the United States

On James Lileks' site, one category is named Coffee and Chrome, which contains a large collection of vintage postcards from diners around the United States.

No one over 40 needs an introduction to these places; we have dim smoky memories of road trips with the folks, stopping at odd cafes and coffee shops en route to some distant destination. Hamburgers and fries and maybe a shake! Cottage cheese for Mom.

Anyone under 40 may recognize a few of these places, or find an analog to a local hash house. But people who came to these places in the post-chain, post-franchise, post-"Diner" movie era are cursed: they approach these places with Irony and Context, and see them as Symbols, pieces of History.

Jet Drive-In, Austin, Texas:

Hinson's, Homosassa Springs, Florida:

Featured image: Jolly's, Cave City, Kentucky.

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