Thursday, August 20, 2015

Watch Some Thrilling World Record High Dives From the '80s

Laso Schaller is the new world record holder for the highest dive, jumping from 58.8 meters (192.913 feet) on 4 August 2015, in Maggia, Switzerland. A daring jump indeed, but jumps from divers like Dana Kunze, Randy Dickison and Rick Charls in the 80's are absolutely fantastic and terrifying to watch, since the divers also changed positions during their way down.

Watch Dana Kunze's world record high dive from 52.4 meters (172 feet), at the World Record High Dive Challenge in San Diego, 1983:

Rick Charls ties the new world record during the same competition:

Randy Dickison sets a new high dive world record with 53.2 meters (174 feet 8 inches), at Ocean Park in Hong Kong, 1985:

See the full footage from the World Record High Dive Challenge 1983.

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