Wednesday, May 27, 2015

That One Time When Avicii (Timberman) Didn't Get Any Feedback

The following story about Swedish DJ Avicii (Tim Bergling), reminds me of not to underestimate someone.

In 2007, Avicii made a post in a large online forum aimed towards songwriters, musicians and producers, wanting feedback on a couple of tracks of his. Back then, his stage name was Timberman, and this time the feedback was nonexistent.

On February 24, 2007, Avicii wrote:

Hi all, I hope this is the right forum to make the post in, but I have a few songs and I'd love to know what you think about them.

If you listen, write a little about which one you liked the most, and which one you didn't like at all, etc., and why. :)

And on March 5, 2007, still no feedback:

No one? :(

A few years down the road, and Avicii is a household name. Not only does he create good music, he also does a lot of charity work, something I find fantastic.

So, if you're struggling to reach a personal goal, think about this story, and keep on going.

Featured image: Avicii performs in New York City. Photography by Mike Pont / WireImage. Via Rolling Stone.

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