Thursday, March 20, 2014

Selling CD is Still Good Business in Japan

Selling CD is still good business in Japan. It surprised me at first to learn about this, however, the lack of services like Spotify contribute to the CD still selling. Spotify is now expanding and will offer it´s service in another 20 countries. This year they will enter Japan.

The Japanese spent more money on CDs in 2012 than consumers in any other country, according to figures from the Recording Industry Association of Japan. CD sales actually grew 9% over the year before. Physical media including CDs and DVDs made up 80% of all music sales by value in 2012, compared to just 34% in the United States.

But why? For a country that is home to pioneering tech brands like Sony, Panasonic and Nintendo, the attachment to physical music seems a bit odd.

Culture plays a big role, according to Kotarao Taguchi, managing director of the Recording Industry Association of Japan. He said that Japanese customers don't just want the music. They also want the liner notes, the cover art and DVD extras.

"I think Japanese people as a nation have a strong attachment to physical goods," he said.

Image from YAHOO! News video.

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